winter storm brings blizzards across west,midwest while snow forecast in new york,new england

On wednesday a major winter storm that has stretched 2,600 miles from coast to coast continued to his states from the west to east coast.moving into parts of pennsylvania,new york and new england.

western states residents and the plains have faced severe winter weather for several days also they may see blizzard conditions and significant snow falls.dangerous conditions are landing further east,as the massive winter storm barrels across the country,with an ice storm slicing across several midwestern states and snow and sleet reaching the northeast.

Blizzard conditios scattered across west,mid west

untill 11 p.m on wednesday a blizzard warning is in part of wyoming. upto 50 mph wind could gust up and snow accumulations could reach upto a foot.reports according to the weather service in riverton, some areas the weather service warned that travel will be impossible,and friged wind chills as low as 35 degrees below zero can cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 40 minutes.

on wednesday a blizzard warning is also in effect in parts of the dakotas and minnesota.upto 50 mph wind gusts,also wind chills could drop as low as 45 degrees below zero.according to the national weather service by the time snoefall ends thursday evening,some areas could see close to two feet snow,according to national weather service twin cities called the winter storm”historic”.

ice storm warning cuts across midwest

on wednesday an ice storm warning was in effect in several states in the midwest.with the national weather service warning of “significant icing” expected,” along with power outages ,tree damage and treacherous travel.the states which are affected




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