Vp Harris meets with ‘Tennesse three’ in surprise visit to Nashville after explosions over gun protests.

NASHVILLE – On friday Vice president Kamala Harris praised three Tennessee Democratic lawmakers who staged a protest in favor of gun control on the statehouse floor in an act of defiance that led angry republicans to expel two of them from the General Assembly.

In a surprise trip Nashville,Harris said the three Democrates – Reps.justin Jones of Nashville,Justin Pearson of Memphis and Gloria Johnson of Knoxville- showed courage in pushing for gun reform following a mass shooting at a Nashville private Christian school that killed six people.

“It wasn’t about these three leaders – it was about what they were representing,”She said during an event at Fisk University.it’s about whose voices they were channeling.is that now what democracy allows,?.

On Thursday House republicans voted to expel Jones and Pearson,both of whom are Black,for their role in the protest.Johnson,who is white , dodged an explusion by one vote.

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