Turkey, Syria earthquake updates: Dramatic rescues of 10-day-old baby, mother and children

after 90 hours of devastating 7.8 magnititude earthquake rocked turkey and syria yagiz ulas and his mother were rescued.He was 10 days old at the time of his rescue.A group of rescuers bringing the baby away from rubble as he moves his hand and arm,The mayoro – istanbul ekrem imamoglu, tewwted photo of the boy after he was rescued in turkey’s heetyay province,According to multiple reports the boy mother was also rescued.

She was consciues as she carried on a stretcher

10-day-old baby rescued in Turkey:-

The rescue comes as thousends of people have offerd to adopt a new born baby girl whose mother gave birth under the rubble of collapsed appartment building in syria. Afraa abu hadiya, baby aya’s mother her father and all four of her sibblings died after the earthquake.A 7 – month old infant was also placed out of collapsed building in turkey’s hatya province ,66 hours after the ,the national medical rescue team said.

More than 23,000 people killed in earthquake in turkey’s & syria,According to the turkey’s official more than 77,000 people are injured in the country..Rocep tayip erdogen the president of turkish said friday that search and rescue efforts will continue untill no people are trapped under the rubble.

According to the syrian government friday it is allowing earthquake aid to all parts of the country,including area currently held by insurgent groups.

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