Thousends desperately flee Sudan amid uneasy truce;16,000 us citizens still here: live updates.

On Tuesday thousends of Americans, Europeans and Africans were fleeing Sudan.After the warring generals promised to observe a new three – day truce brokered in an attempt to curtail the violence tearing Sudan apart – and to permit safe evacuation.

Gunfire echoed across the capital of Khartoum despite the cease fire – Negotiated by the United Nations and Saudi Arabia,the latest of several declared but mostly ignored since the fighting broke out April 15.Hundreds have died and thousends have been wounded.

Yassir arman chairman of Sudan people’s liberation movement ,urged both sides to recognise the truce and allow the suddanese people to honour and bury their dead.

Arman said in a social media post ,”there are corpses scattered in the streets patients who do not find treatment “,and water and electricity cuts.But hundred of diplomats,aid workers and other foreigners have fled the country by air and land U.S diplomats have been evacuated and the Biden administration said it was aiding to exit private U.S citizens.Authorities have estimated that up to 16,000 U.S citizens remaind in sudan, although most are suddanese – Americans the Administration says don’t want to leave.

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