The first attack on the twin towers:A bombing rocked the world trade center 30 years ago

The arrival of international terrorism on american soil signaled first on feb 26,1993, a van loaded with a 1200 pound urea nitrate bomb rocked the world trade center .According to the state department “This event was the first indication for the diplomatic security service (DSS) that terrorism was evolving from a regional phenomenon outside of the united states to a transnational phenomenon”.

The group of terrorists parked on the B-2 level of the garage beneath the world trade center,at 12:18 pm on a cold winter day.lit the bomb’s fuse ,and escaped in a gateway car-carving a hole 150 feet wide and several stories deep underneath the North tower,killing six people and injuring thousends more.the people who could escape were covered in soot as smoke and flames filled the building and the attackers slipped away from the scene unnoticed,The FBI said.

According to the 9/11 memorial and museum “the mission was to destroy the twin towers,”people on the top floors of the towers and in sorrounding buildings could feel the force of explosion.Accordding the federal Bureau of investigations that agents “were tentalizingly close to encountering the planners of this attack”while tracking”islamic fundamentals in the city months prior to the bombing.Around 700 FBI a massive investigation and two-year man hunt for the suspected attackers was led by new york city’s joint terrorism task force.

on march 4,1993 salameh was arrested shortly before the arrest of three more co-conspirators:ahmad ajaj,nidal ayyad,and mahmoud abouhalima.two of the bombers,Ramzi yousef and eyedismoil,fled the country the nightof the attack using fake passports.during the trial more than 200 witnesses were called to testify during trial,which began on 21 april,1993 ,in the U.S district court for the Southeren district of New york.Each were sentenced to 240 years on may 24,1993.

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