Russia blames US for alleged drone attack on Kremlin,Considers retribution :live Ukraine updates.

On Thursday day Kremlin spokesman Dimitry peskov blamed the U.S. fir what Russia claims was an Assassination attempt by Ukraine targeting Russian president Vladimirr putin – and said retaliation options were being weighed.

Peskov said,”Attempt to disown this both in kyiv and in Washington are,of course, absolutely ridiculous.”We know very well that decisions on such actions and such terrorist attacks are made not kyiv,but in Washington.

Kyiv has dismissed the allegation as a manufactured pretext by Moscow to justify massive strikes on ukrain’s battered cities. National security council spokesperson John Kirby,asked about Russia’s claim on MSNBC’s morning Joe,” said peskov was,”just lying”.

Kirby said,”i can assure you that there was no involvement by the United States.” Whatever it was,it didn’t involve us”.

Peskov declined to provide details on possible retribution, suggesting only “Well thought -out steps that meet the intrest of our country.

Moscow says it’s defences shot down two drones attempting a strike Tuesday night on the Kremlin residence of Russian president Vladimirr putin.putin was not the Kremlin and his schedule was unaffected,his office said . ukraine denied involvement.

Ukraine’s president volodymyr Zelensky’s said ,”We are attacking neither Putin nor moscow,”we are fighting on our own territory ,defending our villages and cities”.

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