Poll:Many women burned out, feeling dread and struggling with finances.

On this Wednesday day as the world celebrates international women’s day,there is new cause for concern : more women are feeling dread,worry and burn out and are facing worsening, financial pressures,even as inflation continue to ease,new polling shows.

Inflation and the economy are two of the top three concerns for women.According to a survey from Gender on the ballet- a collaboration between the Barbara Lee family foundation and the women & politics institute at American University and Benenson Startegy group.

During the mid 2022 midterms the economy was a political cudgel republicans attacked democrates and will likely be another line of attack in the bettle for control of the white House and congress in 2024.

Financial Struggle:

Concern about the economy remains high for women,with 60% saying they are pessimistic about the economy.Nearly half of women ,47% said they are anxious or worried about how things are going in the U.S.Only 20% of those surveyed said they were hopeful.

More than half of all women,56% said their financial situation worsened in recent years ,a 6% point increase from last year and 17% increase in 2021.

Women had has to resort to drastic measures beacuse of their finances 67% cut back on going out to restaurant ,48% cut back on groceries and 18% delayed or cancelled preventive health screenings.

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