Over 2,000 people evacuated after fire at Indiana recycling plant: blaze caused by burning tractor- trailor.

INDIANAPOLIS – In Richamond,Indiana a large industrial fire ,storing plastics and other recyclables led authorities to order an evacuation of Nearby areas.

The fire, North-west of Richmond’s downtown area,sent thick,choking clouds of black smoke high enough into the atmosphere that they were visible on Satelite radar.

thousends of residents are affected by the evacuation orders remained in place in Wednesday night as crews worked to put out the fire.

Richmond mayor Dave snow said “We have a serious,large scale fire with a very thick plume of black smoke in the air,”Buses are being utilised to evacuate residents who need it.”

Snow said the inferno was caused after a semitruck caught fire on Tuesday and the blaze spread to the building ,which was storing plastic and other recycled materials.

Multiple fires are still burning,by Wednesday night within about 14 acres of various types of plastics stored inside and outside buildings at the facility site.

Richmond fire cheif Tim Brown said that fire was contained but not on control.

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