‘My knees still wobble ‘:How oscar- nominated ‘RRR’ Song “Natu Natu’ Song become a awards darling.

Director s.s .rajmouli”s Indian action epic “RRR” has turned into an awards season favourite,thanks in parts to its infectious musical number “Naatu naatu”.Though the Telugu language Film missed out on a best picture nomination for 95th academy awards,the golden- globe winning tune is up for original song – the first ever in the catagory from an Indian film – and a favourite against heavyweight like ladygaga and Rihanna.

RRR is one of unluckiest award season Succes stories.

The three hour film which boasts elements of action – adventure,soap opera,romance,musical and historical fiction,took off in America last summer when celebrity admires like James Gunn and Patton oswalt helped build word off mouth buzz on social media and young fan took to tik tok to do their favourite dances from the movie and while RRR was not chhosesn as India’s official entry into Oscars international film catagory.The south Asian blokbuster quickly become a Cinderella story of awards season as “Nattu Nattu” won best song at the golden globes and critic choice awards.

‘Nattu Nattu’ Arrives at a key movie moment

Set in 1920’s “RRR ” movie follows Bheem(N.T rama Rao junior),a warrior who disguises himself as Muslim akhtar as he searches for kidnapped girl from his tribe,and Raju(Rama Charan) ,a police officer order to search for Bheem.after they save a boy in death – defying fashion ,akhtar and Raju become fast freinds,akhtar meets English love intrest Jenny and our two protagonists are invited to a posh soiree.When bullying Brit makes fun of Bheem,Raju stands up for his buddy and the two Indian heroes bust into a joyous duet with impressive syncronised footwork that turns into an compitative dance off

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