‘My city is gone’:At least 23 dead after tornadoes rip through Mississippi , Emergency official Report.

Across rural Mississippi tornado left a trail of destruction overnight Friday.At least 23 people dead,Razing buildings and plunging thousends of homes into darkness.

Dozens injured and four missing in the wake of a spate of tornadoes atleast 23 people were dead.On Saturday morning the missisipi emergency management agency confirmed.The agency said search and rescue efforts stretched into the morning as crews also began damage assessments Saturday.The death tool continue to climb, According to agency

According to AccuWeather Much of the Worst impacts Spawned from a storm that Curved a devastating path Northeastward Across Mississippi,and albama.The rural towns of silver City and rolling fork,about 60 miles,north east of Jackson Mississippi,bore the brunt a damage from a tornado that was moving at 50 mph when it hit the area just after 8 p.m Friday.

The tornado then continued barreling North east at 70 mph toward albama and through small towns including Winoana and Amory.

Tornado reports in missisipi,alabama.

According to the national weather service storm prediction centre there were atleast two dozon tornado reports friday across missisipi and albama, including in Missisipis rolling fork,silver City and winnona.

in albamas Morgan Country first responders are going door to door to chek on residents.according to county Sheriff’s Office Crews rescued a man Who was stuck in the mud when a trailer was overtuned and six people trapped in home .

Severe thunderstorms are expected to continue with possible large hail.damaging gusts and more tornadoes from far east Texas and central Louisiana into southern and central missisipi ,Alabama and Georgia on Sunday According to national weather service.

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