Mount Everest:3 sherpa climbers missing after falling into deep khumbu icefall crack.

KATHMANDU,Nepal – On Wednesday three sherpa climbers were missing after they fell into deep crevasse on a treacherous section of mount Everest just above the base camp,a Nepalese Mountaineering official said.

They fell into the crevasse,thought to be about 160 feet deep,On Wednesday morning as they were moving toward the first camp on the world’s heights mountain,said yuvraj Khatiwada of Nepal’s department of Mountaineering.

He said A rescue helicopter was trying to locate them while rescuers searched on foot.

The area is the Khumbu icefall,a constantly shifting glacier with deep crevasse and huge overhanging ice that can be as big as 10 – story buildings .it is considered one of the most difficult and tricky sections of the climb to the peak.

A chunk of the glacier sheared away from the mountain in 2014, setting of an Avalanche of ice that killed 16 sherpa guides as they carried client’s equipment up the was one of the deadliest disaster in Everest climbing history.

Hundreds of foreign climbers and about the same Number of Nepalese guides and helpers are expected to attempt to scale the 29,034- foot mountain During the main climbing season that began in March and ends at the end of May.

Climbers have begun to settle in at the base camp to acclimatize to the weather and altitude while the sherpas place ladders and ropes and carry supplies to the upper camps for their clients.

The sherpas also set up tents stocked with supplies and oxygen for the foreign climbers.

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