Maxico investigates officials, employees after fire kills 39 at migrant detention center.

CIUDAD JUAREZ,Maxico – On Wednesday Maxican authorities said that eight employees or Officials are being investigated for possible misconduct at a migrant detention center where a fire killed 39 detained men.

Anger and frustration in the Northern boarder city of Ciudad juarez boiled over as hundreds of migrants Walked to a U.S border gate hoping to make a mass Crossing.

Maxican Officials appeared to place blame for the deaths in the fire late Monday largely on private,subcontracted Security guards at the detention center in Ciudad juarez,Across the boarder from El paso,Texas.Video showed guards hurrying away from the smooky fire apprently without trying to free detainees.

No charges were announced,but authorities said they would seek atleast Four arrest warrants later in the day, including one for a migrant who was part of what they described as small group that started the fire.

Five of those under investigation for possible misconduct are private security guards ,two are federal immigration agent and one is a chihuahua state officer federal public safety secretary Rosa Icela Rodrìguez, said.

The investigation has centered on the Fact that guards appeared to make no effort to release the men- Almost all from Guatemala,Honduras, Venezuela and El Salvador – Before smoke filled the room in a matter of seconds.

The death caused frustration and may have played a rool in a mass March late Wednesday afternoon by hundreds of Migrants,Who began walking towards a U.S boarder crossing believing that American Authorities would let them through.

Adding to the Anger over the deaths was the pent – up frustration of migrants who have spent weeks trying to make appointments on a U.S Cellphone app to file asylum Claims.

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