Maine mass shooting suspect charged with killing parents and friends in violent rampage.

The main man who police say confessed to killing his parents and their two freinds before going on a shooting rampage on a nearby interstate had been realised from prison just day prior – when he had been picked up by his mother.

On Thursday morning Joseph Eaton,34 appeared briefly in court and faces four murder charges,with more charges pending.Police arrested him shortly after discovering the bodies of his parents and their freinds in a home near Portland on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday as police searched for Eton,he fled in his parents ‘rental car and started shooting at passing vehicles,injuring three members of an area family who were driving past.

The police said ,”it’s one of the Worst incidents of violance in Maine history.The shooting spree stunned mainers ,and Mike sauschuck , commissioner of Maine public safety called the shooting an attack on the soul of our state.

Killed in the attack were Cynthia Eaton,63 and her husband ,David 65 a Navy veteran and freinds Patricia and Robert Eager.The Eatons were staying with the Egans while they picked up their son from prison .their bodies were discovered Tuesday morning by Patricia Eagan’s sister who grew worried when no one answers the phone police said.

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