‘Like we woke to hell’: 11,000 dead in Turkey, Syria; newborn rescued from quake rubble: Updates

Nearly 11,000 people across turkey and syria on tuesday died as the frantic search for survivor from two powerful earthquakes and a series of violant after shocks continued for a secoend day. In turkey more than 24000 rescue workers from around the world war picking through the mammoth heaps of debris seeking signs of life in a battle against time and pulling 8000 plus people out of the rubble

Instead the overwhelming suffering and destruction there were moments of joy, as the rescue of several survivors under rubble for more than a day in the hard-hatay province of turkey ,and the discovery of a newborn clinging to life while still attatched to his dead mothers umblical cord in northwest syria.,Also there a lot of despair and frustration that rescues are taking too much time.A man said “it’s like woke uo to hell”cantaninmis, whose family members were still buried in debris in hatay,” help isn’t coming,can”t reach any one at all,every where is destroyed.

According to the Turkey’s emergency management agency, country’s death count has surpassed 5400, with about 31000 injured and estimated 3,80,000 survivers have taken refuge in government shelters or hotels.turkis president recap tayyip erdgon said.

we are facing one of the biggest disaster not only of the history of the turkish republic but also of………..the world”

Quake Damage:-

7.8 magnitude earthquake damaged all things


A senior emergencies office named adelheid marscang with the world health organisation, said nearly 23 million people could be affected in the entire area hit by the earthquake,callimg its”crisis on top of multiple crisis.” according to turkish air lines almost 12000 volunteeres and so flights into the earthquake zone in southern turkey on tuesday, The flights would continue as long as neccesary according to the ceo Bilal eksi.57 palestnian refuges have died in earthquake,43 in syria and 14 in turkey according to the palestnian authority,

more than adozen peoplke in turkey faced investigation for alleged”provocative ” earthquake social media postings authorities said tried to doment”fear and panic ” local news reported. A former striker christian atsu, with chelsea and new castle in the british premier leaguw was rescued from the rubble ofa collapsed building and being treated,the ghana football association tweeted,atsu: 31 signed with turkish last year.

Baby rescued after being born under rubble;-

A crying baby discoverd discoverd through a collapsed building while the resident digging through it,the baby whose mother appeared have given birth, while buried beneath the rubble ,relatives and doctors said tuesday.The crying baby’s umblicak cord was still connected to her mother ,afraabu atdiya who died in the collapse ,they said .the baby was the only member of her immidiate family to survive in the small town of jinderis ,next to the turkish border,ramdansleiman,arelative,told the associated press, after a neighbour cut it the newborn, her umblical cord still dangling, was rushed to a hospital in the nearby town of afrin and kept in incubator. she had a large bruise on her back but was in stable condition ,according to DR hani maarouf ,who was treating her. Also a toddler girl in jinderies was found alive buried in concrete under the wreckage of her home.

California quakes not unlike those in Turkey ;-

when it comes to earthquakes california and turkey are not drastically different except they should be more frequent in california, said robertmair- ward, cheif research officer at the risk management firm MOODY’s Rms, in turkey earthquake are big, principally “strike – slip and on a broad plate boundary”, he said.

Earthquake residental insurance penetration in turkey is higher than in califernia,but building code compilance is much better in califernia,mair wood said so.

he said ” such earth quakes should be at least twice as common in califernia.” across most of the state from north to south is also of tyhe strike – slip variety according to a named davidogleshy.

according to him buildings collapsing in a major earthquakes are less of a danger in califernia than objects failing on people, a magnitutde of 7.8 earthquake like mondays would cause more than 1800 deaths, 50,000 injuries and $200 billion damage if it struck in southeren califernia.

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