Joe Biden makes surprise visit to ukraine ahead of russian invasion anniversary.

A surprise visit to ukraine on monday by president joe biden ahead of the anniversary of russia;s invasion of the country.

since russia launched its war a year ago this week it is biden’s first visit to the war-torn came as he was due to start a three -day visit to poland.

ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskky wrote on his Official telegrm “Joseph biden,welcome to Kyiv!.your visit is an extremly important sign of support for all ukrainians.

due to security concerns the visit was kept was also Symbolic because it comes as ukraine has been intensely lobbying the U.S for more weapons to help it fight back against russia;s aggressions as the war entrers an uncertain new phase.

according to ukrainian officials signals russia may be planning a major new offensive timed for around the one-year anniversary of the war.

Biden announces half-a-billion dollar security package

biden announced half a bilion dollars of additional security assistance to ukraine and also confirmed more detais would be realised in the coming days during visit.also said that the package will include more military equipment ,including artilary ammunition ,more javelins ,an anti-tank missile system,and howitzers,a long -range artilary waepon.biden also said additional sanctions on russia will be announced this week.

outside st.michael’s,biden was spotted walking with zelenskky,according to the white house last week biden had no plans to cross into ukraine from neighboring poland,as part of his visit to that country.

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