Here’s what caused the Spece X starship Explosion and how it’s different for Florida launches.

BREVARD County,fla – On early Thursday Shortly after SpaceX’s massive starship launched from Texas on its first full test.The 400 foot stack of hardware began to tumble untill it broke apart in a fiery explosion over the gulf of Maxico.

The overall demonstration mission – a test of the new rocket’s ability to ignite and clear the pad’s 500 foot tower – was successful.At liftoff, however several of the rockets 33 raptor engines failed to fire up as planned.Then came the more than minutes into flight,which kicked off just after the rocket’s starship upper stage and super heavy booster failed to separate.

Some experts and spectators were left wondering if the test flights explosive conclusion was the result of aerodynamic forces shearing the vehicle apart or if it was purposefully bolen up by the flight termination system,or Fts.spaceX did later confirm the rockets break-up was triggered by FTS.

Flight termination systems are essentially explosives built into key areas rockets and are , atleast on newer vehicle, automatically triggered if a hardware failure is detected.they’re a safety and licensing requirement and are specially important if a rocket appears to veer off course.

But Thursdays lunch from starbase a SpaceX opertaed facility near Brownsville,Texas was unique.Not only was it a test flight of a brand new vehicle, meaning slightly different parameters for termination,but it also flew from an area entirely new to launching orbital missions – previously starship test flights ended explosively,but didn’t attempt to reach high altitude.

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