Gunman kills 6, including ex-wife, in shooting spree in rural Mississippi town, officials say

According to officials a lone gunman killed six people in a rural Mississippi on friday,including his ex-wife,ina “Series of Shootings”

According to the tate country sheriff”s office A suspect is in custody and was identified as 52 years old richard dale crum of Arkabulta,Mississippi.The sheriffs’s office said in a statement crum was charged with first degree murder and being held without bail at the tate country jail.

According to the tate country sheriff brad lance the spree began at about 11 a.m friday when crum openrd fire outside a convenience store,killing a man who was sitting ina pickup truck parked outside .

lance said as deputies were working in the crime scene, a 911 call came in about another shooting in a home a few miles away,also crum’s ex-wife fatally shot,also her current husband got injured.,near crums home deputies arrested himalso they found crums step father and sister killed by gunshots.according to lance crum had a shotgun and two hand guns.

According to lance “Everybody has crime ,and from time to time we have violent crime,but certainly nothing of this magnititude”said to associated press.,also lance said after crum killed the first victim,59 years old eugene boyce,he chased bouce’s brother through a wooded area before the brother escaped unharmed.

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