Fort Lauderdale saw 2 feet of of rain in a day.How on earth is that even possible?

On Thursday Nearly 26 inches of rain brought fort Lauderdale, Florida,to stretching halt.Swamping cars on highway , shutting down the city’s airport and closing schools.

The sheer magnitude of the tsunami from the skies took nearly everyone by surprise.

“spotty flooding is expected ,”the city posted in an update on its website early Wednesday morning.the national weather service expected up to six inches of rain but ultimately at least one location at the airport saw four times that.

if the priliminary report of 25.91 inches measured at a station at the fort of Lauderdale – Hollywood airport is verified it would break the state’s 24- hour rain record by 2.63 inches.

Much Wednesday’s rain at couple of weather stations up to – 20 inches – fell within six hours ,reported weather service meteorologist Pablo Santos .such an extreme rain amount has only a 1in 1000 chance of occuring in fort Lauderdale in given year,Santos said.

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