‘Dangerously cold’ Arctic blast coming for Northeast; wind chills as low as 40 below zero: Friday updates

an arctic blast is set to sweep into Northeast to start the weekend, which brings dangerously cold temprature and high winds.

the storm seems to move in thursday night and last through saturday, bringing record- shattering tempratures to all cities including boston,the wind chill could feel as low as 40 below one .

“right down the eastern states the main push of extreme cold is coming,specifically over new england,” said bob larson,who is senior meteorologist at accuweather.”as we head into the weekend that”s going to be ground zero for the extreme cold.

states including maryland,delware,pennsylvania,new jersey and mid western states including machigon,wisconsin,indiana,illoinois and ohio.

you should know about winter weather for this week.

“Dangerously cold” temprature in forecast

the impact of storm where we can see the coldest one are

  • main
  • vermont
  • new hampshire
  • massachusetts
  • connecticut
  • rhode island
  • new york

Nearly 40 to 60 miles per hour wind gusts across this area from newyork city nortward during the day friday larson said.”you combine that with those very low tempratures and it creates very harsh feels like temprature”

for some instance,”it feels like 20 below zero in new york city, 40 to 60 below zero through much of maine,30 to 40 below boston.

“that”s dangerously cold,”larsen said, there”s undoubtly going to be some record low tempratures that are going to be broken,”

the record low in boston for feb4 was set in 1886, when it two below zero,it’s expected to reach between 5 and 10 below zero during the storm. by sunday the cold is expected to end,when tempratures get back into the 30’s and 40’s for the region.

What is wind chill ?

lets understand the wind chill how its calculated.

texas freeze

by friday an ice stream that hit texas and western tennesse is winding down and should be cleared.

according to larson the remnants of that storm should hit warmer air,causing rain stroms.

the cold caused power outages for hundreds of thousends of texas residents.

in florida also thunderstrom are expected.

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