California woman with “heart so pure”found killed;ex- boy friend with abuse history arrested.

A southern california man with a history of domestic abuse has been arrested on a murder charge in the death of his ex- girlfriend.

Aaron Stevan Romo,36 is being held without bond in the killing of 24- year old Mirelle Mateus.Anaheim police found Mateus ‘ body on Friday afternoon after responding reports of suspicious circumstances at an Anaheim Apartment.

According to Detectives Mateus was murderd but have Declined to say how they believe she was killed.

The orange county public Defender’s office said the case was too new for an attorney to be assigned.

A violant past:

According to the court records Romo has history of domestic violence Allegations across three states involving several different women in recent years.

Romo was out on bail after being charged in December with two felony counts of corporal injury on a spouse and false imprisonment,along with misdemeanors.Romi had pleaded not guilty in the case.

In separate case a woman in previous relationship with Romo filled a 50-page restraining order in September that detailed multiple instances of escalating abuse including

  • Romo attacked and raped both her and her friend in April 2022
  • Romo attacked her in arizona in August 2021 putting her in the emergency room.
  • Romo broke down her hotel Room door in Las Vegas in May 2022 and beat her up.
  • A heart so pure

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