Brutally honest reviews of Oscars 2023 performances from energetic ‘Nattu Nattu’ to stunning lady gaga.

While musical Stardust is secondary during the academy awards,Sunday’s ceremony still offers enough auditory high – wattage to entertain in between all those film clips.

From the heel – kicking footwork during best original song winner “Nattu Nattu ” to the stripped down presentation from Lady gaga,who was last minute addition to the lineup,on “Hold my hand ” to Rihanna’s sleek rendition of ” lift me up ” several of the 2023 Contentders flourished.

Natu natu from RRR also made history as first song from an Indian film to be nominated and win .During his warm acceptance speech, Composer M.M Keeravani Namecheked the carpenters and interpolated the duo’s,”Top of the world,” saying there was only one wish on his mind ,” RRR ” has to win,pride of every indian,and must put me on the top of the world,”.

In addition to Nominee performances Lenny Kravitz performed his 2004 ballad’ “Calling all angels,” during the in Memoriam segment,singing lyrics such as,”I miss you dearly,can you hear me on your cloud,”? As photos of deceased members of the entertainment community scrolled.

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