At least 8 dead in jehovah’s witnesses hall shooting,German police say; investigation on.

Berlin-in Hamburg eight people were killed in a shooting at a Jehovah’s witness hall.German police said and an unspecified number of others were wounded.

Police gave their figure on their website,there was still no word on a possible motive for the shooting On Thursday evening that stunned Germany’s second biggest city.

A former Hamburg mayor German chancellor Olaf scholz described the shooting as “a brutal act of violance”.

Police said during the night that they believe that there was only one shooter and that this could be a person who was found dead in the building.

Police spokesman Holger behram said ” We only know that several people died here ;several people are wounded they were taken to hospital.”

He said he had no information on the severity of the injuries suffers by the wounded.According to police report The shooting took place in the Gross bristel district ,a few miles north of the down town area of Germany’s Second biggest city.

German news agency dpa reported seeing rescue services taking people out of a building used by Jehovah’s witnesses.Footage showed a big police presence outside jehovah’s witnesses kingdom hall,a modern three – story building.

Developing into the evening:

about 9:15 p.m vehran said police were alerted to the shooting about and were on the seen quickly he said that after officer arrived,they heard a shot from an upper floor and found a person upstairs who may have been a shooter.He said police didn’t to use their fire arms.

Friday on a Twitter update Hamburg police said they belived there was only one shooter and they were gradually rooling back security forces from the area .

According to police “The investigation into the motive behind the crime continues”

Laura nauchi a student who leaves nearby said “there were about four periods of shooting ,” According to dpa ,” there were always several shots in these periods,”roughly at intervals 20 second to a minute.

She said she looked out her window and saw a person running from the ground flor to second floor to the Jehovah’s witness hall.

Vehran said there was no immediate indication that a shooter was on the run and that it appeared likely that the prepetrator were either in the building or among the dead.

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