At least 7 dead in crash involving semi-truck, passanger van on I-5 in Oregon,police say.

SALEM,Ore.- At least seven adults have died and more are injured in a crash on interstate 5 in Oregon Thursday afternoon, According to the Oregon State police.

After 2 p.m the crash happened .The police say two semi- trucks and a passanger van were involved in the crash is still undetermined.

The white Ford passanger van at the scene was severely crushed.Straw sun hats and shovels can be seen among the wreckage.

A semitruck with a target logo had damage to its rear end,and a black semi truck with tarps covering the sides also appeared to be part of the crash scene.

A witness at the crash site said it appeared that the van had been crushed between the two semis from infront and behind.

“judging by the damage,it looked like the van was sandwiched ,”Adrian Gonzalez said ,”it got hit by hard.

Ge described two helicopters from lifeflight air medical services landing nearby and taking people from the scene while paramedics treated others at the scene.

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