“A difficult night” in Ukraine: at least 6 dead after wave of Russian missiles,drone strikes: live updates.

On Thursday a wave of Russian missiles and drones hit kyiv and other cities across Ukraine.in what appears to be one of the biggest attacks on Ukraine this year.

at least seven were injured and six people were killed, authorities in the regions of kyiv,lyiv and Dnipropetrovesk said on their telegram channel.sites in kharkiv,mykolaiv,odesa,were also struck.President volodymyr zelensky described “A difficult night” as the barrage hit “critical” infrastructure facilities.

81 missiles and eight exploding shadhed drones were intercepted,they said.about 150,000 households were left without power in Ukraine’s north western Zhytomyr region.According to authorities in the southern port of odesa,power lines were damaged and emergency blackouts occurred.

“No military objective ,just Russian barbarasim”foreign minister Dmytro kuleba twitted.The day will come when Putin and his associates are held accountable.

The day after U.S and Germany said they would provide Ukraine’s military with modern tanks, at the end of January 11 people were killed when Russia’s military unleashed missile attacks across Ukraine.

Law maker declines invite to kyiv:-

House speaker Kevin MC carthy declines president volodymyr zelensky’s invite to visit Ukraine.


A fake air raid warning sounded Thursday on muscow radio stations and TV channels as a result of server hacking state – run Tass reported.

52%of Ukraineians don’t want any Russian taught in schools ,up from 8% in 2019 survey, according to new poll by the kyiv international society of despite the war 42% of the population still favours some Russian being taught althogh only 6% want it taught more than other language.

A group of 42 retired Canadian Olympians are urging their countrys Olympic leaders to take stand against russians participating in next year’s Paris Games.

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