18,000 cows killed in Texas explosion,next:the massive,messy task of disposing of them.

18,000 dairy cows in West texas farm has been extinguished by the fire and the staggering death count revealed.

Now ,comes the messy, unprecedented task of disposing Of them

Saqib mukhtar an associate at Dean at the University of Florida’s institute of food and agriculture sciences Extension and a cattle disposale expert said Typically,dead farm animals – even scores of them,such as those killed in the wake of hurricanes or blizzards – can be buried,hauled to landfills or even composed .

But the sheer number of carcasses in this incidents makes the task monumental.

Mukhtar said ,’i really don’t know if the cows were all intact ,how in the world you can manage this even a within a month ,”

18,000 cows killed in explosion fire at Texas dairy may farm may be largest cattle killing ever.

Official have not said what method of disposal they will use in the case of South fork farm disaster.

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