14 injured after roof collapses at home near Ohio State University, authorities say.

On Saturday fourteen people were injured after a group of people caused a house roof near the Ohio State University campus to collapse, authorities said .

Columbus division of fire Battalion cheif steve Martin said the collapse was caused by people standing on the roof Of the house.Martin said the number of people varied from 15 to 45.

at 7:40 p.m fire official were called on a report that a roof had collapsed with people trapped underneath.When officials arrived at the columbes,Ohio home they found the roof had fallen to the ground,which caused the porch to detach from the house.

The rest of the house remained intact.

What caused the Collapse?

According to Martin the Collapse was caused by people Standing on the roof of the house and that According to witness statements,the number of people varied from 15 to 45.

“a few people” had their lags slightly pinned under under the structure,but they were freed by other According to Martin.

First responders took 14 people to Nearby hospitals,where they are reported to be in stable condition.Other people ,”in various stages of injury”took themselves to the hospitals for treatment,Martin said.

According to Martin” Clearly,the roof was not designed to carry that kind of weight”.

Martin Said the Columbus Department of building and Zoning Services has been contacted to inspect the house to determine whether the Collapse was due to the number of people on the roof or maintenance such as rooted wood.

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