12 year old armed with AR – Style gun kills Sonic employee in Dallas-area,police say.

Police Said A 12-year old boy armed with an AR – Style gun is accused of of fatally shooting a fast food employee as the worker argued with another man at a Texas drive in – Restaurant.

On May 13 the shooting tool place at a sonic in kenee,about 40 miles south west of downtown Dallas, and claimed the life of 32-year-old Mathew Davis.

According to the Kenee police department Davis worked at the Sonic and about 9:40 p.m that day, confronted a man identified as angel Gomez,20 for “being disorderly in the parking lot.”

Police said in a statement a physical fight broke out and the boy shot Davis multiple times from the back seat of Gomez’s vehicle.The suspected shooter is believed to be a 12 – year old boy,police chief James kidd told on Tuesday.

Kidd said the weapon used ,”appears to be an Ar- style.22 ryfle ,” clarifying prior reports about the gun.He said that at least six shots were fired and struck the victim.

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