Train accident in odisha today;3days after Balasore tragedy,goods train derails on private track.

BHUBANESWAR:On Monday five wagons of goods train carrying limestone derailed near Mendhapali in Bergarh district of odisha. According to officials,the incident occurred on private narrow gauge rail line between Dungri limestone Mines and cement plants of ACC Bergarh. According to East coast railway officials ” This is completely a Narrow gauge siding of a private … Read more

Prince Harry denied request to pay for police protection in the UK following NYC car change.

LONDON – A London judge ruled Tuesday against prince Harry in his efforts to pay for police protection when he visits Britain. A highcourt judge rejected the Duke of Sussex’s assertion that the British government exceeded its authority when it denied him the right to hire police to provide security in the U.K. The British … Read more

At least 7 dead in crash involving semi-truck, passanger van on I-5 in Oregon,police say.

SALEM,Ore.- At least seven adults have died and more are injured in a crash on interstate 5 in Oregon Thursday afternoon, According to the Oregon State police. After 2 p.m the crash happened .The police say two semi- trucks and a passanger van were involved in the crash is still undetermined. The white Ford passanger … Read more

Елітні казино онлайн в Україні без перевірки особи

Український портал Casino Zond вважається однією з платформ, де можна ознайомитися про усі нюанси роботи та специфіку української гемблінг індустрії. Експерти розповідають своїм слухачам про найкращі віртуальне казино України без верифікації, формуючи на них змістовні огляди, дають детальні підказки щодо гри та роблення ставок, а також допомагають гравцям коректно вибрати безпечну азартну площадку. Елітні … Read more

12 year old armed with AR – Style gun kills Sonic employee in Dallas-area,police say.

Police Said A 12-year old boy armed with an AR – Style gun is accused of of fatally shooting a fast food employee as the worker argued with another man at a Texas drive in – Restaurant. On May 13 the shooting tool place at a sonic in kenee,about 40 miles south west of downtown … Read more

New zealand hostel fire kills at least 6 people;blaze “Worst night mare” official says.

WELLINGTON,New zealand – In new Zealand’s capital overnight a fire ripped through a hostel.killing atleast six people and forcing others to flee the four story building in their pajamas in what a fire cheif on Tuesday called his “Worst night mare”. Wellington fire chief Nick pyatt said fifty – two people had made it out … Read more

Florida teacher investigated by state for showing Disney cartoon movie in class.

TALLAHASSEE,fla – A Florida teacher is under investigation by the state Department of education after what she believes is a targeted attack by a school board member who took issue with a Disney movie shown in her class room. At a Hernando County School board meeting Tuesday,fifth grade teacher Jenna Barbee alleged school board member … Read more

Texas rep.Bryan Slaton resigns after giving alchol to, having sex with 19- year old aide.

On Monday Texas.rep Bryan Slaton resigned from office,two days after an investigation committee determined the violated multiple rules by providing alchol to and having sexual intercourse with a 19-year old member of his staff. Slaton,a republican in his second term representing rouse city ,a suburb Northeast of Dallas,qualickly established a reputation in the legislature as … Read more

Atleast eight dead as Serbia sees second mass shooting in two days.

On late Thursday Serbia saw its second mass shooting in two days,after a man fired an autometic weapon from a moving car, killing 8 people and wounding 14 more in village south of Belgrade. Radio Television of Serbia said a suspect, identified by the initials U.B was arrested Near the Central Serbian town of Kragujevac.Serbia’s … Read more

Russia blames US for alleged drone attack on Kremlin,Considers retribution :live Ukraine updates.

On Thursday day Kremlin spokesman Dimitry peskov blamed the U.S. fir what Russia claims was an Assassination attempt by Ukraine targeting Russian president Vladimirr putin – and said retaliation options were being weighed. Peskov said,”Attempt to disown this both in kyiv and in Washington are,of course, absolutely ridiculous.”We know very well that decisions on such … Read more