California woman with “heart so pure”found killed;ex- boy friend with abuse history arrested.

A southern california man with a history of domestic abuse has been arrested on a murder charge in the death of his ex- girlfriend. Aaron Stevan Romo,36 is being held without bond in the killing of 24- year old Mirelle Mateus.Anaheim police found Mateus ‘ body on Friday afternoon after responding reports of suspicious circumstances … Read more

Five children killed in fiery crash in new York;lone survivor is 9 year old.

On Sunday Five children ranging in age from 8 to 17 years old died in fiery early morning crash in newyork. Police said their vehicle veered off the Hutchinson river parkway in Scarsdale,crashed into a tree and caught fire. The only survivor,a 9 – yr old boy,was taken to Westchester medical center with what police … Read more

Daily Briefing:A Russian fighter jet strikes a US drone.

The us military said in an “Unsafe and unprofessional intercept,”a Russian fighter jet caused a collision with an airforce surveillance drone that sent it crashing into the Black sea. ‘Unintended escalation’ at risk in drone collision: On Tuesday morning An “unsafe and un professional intercept”by a Russian fighter jet caused a collision with an airforce … Read more

Brutally honest reviews of Oscars 2023 performances from energetic ‘Nattu Nattu’ to stunning lady gaga.

While musical Stardust is secondary during the academy awards,Sunday’s ceremony still offers enough auditory high – wattage to entertain in between all those film clips. From the heel – kicking footwork during best original song winner “Nattu Nattu ” to the stripped down presentation from Lady gaga,who was last minute addition to the lineup,on “Hold … Read more